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How Organic Fertilizer Equipment Manufacturers Improve Granulation Efficiency

How Organic Fertilizer Equipment Manufacturers Improve Granulation Efficiency

In order to use organic fertilizer making equipment to create more economic benefits, we should first improve the efficiency from the production process. What aspects should organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers start from to improve granulation efficiency?

When using compound fertilizer equipment for granulation, a large amount of organic raw materials are required. Most of these organic substances are perishable substances or rotten substances, but most of them still maintain the prototype. Therefore, hammer crushing should be used first when making materials. The machine crushes the material and then puts it into the fermentation pair for fermentation, because these processes are all prepared for the granulation of the compound fertilizer equipment in the later stage.

Pan Type Fertilizer Pelletizing Machine

Therefore, it needs to be pulverized to the required fineness for granulation. These materials may have a lot of pungent odor during the process of pulverization and transportation. If measures are taken in advance, the decomposition of organic matter during fermentation of organic fertilizer raw materials will produce A large amount of pungent gas is mainly ammonia gas, so the fermentation workshop should be separated from the production workshop as much as possible. After the material is completely decomposed, the material can be transported to the compound fertilizer processing equipment by a screw conveyor, and the material enters the compound fertilizer equipment from the gold silo for extrusion and granulation.

  1. According to the composition, fineness, viscosity, humidity, temperature and other characteristics of the powder, the moisture content of the powder should be controlled at about 30-28%.
  2. Too much water content, too many balls, the surface of the ball is very sticky, and it is easy to block the screen surface;
  3. How to preliminarily measure the volume of granulated water in the production process: a simple and practical method – hand feeling method: grab a material ball from the disk fertilizer granulator, the hand can be a ball, and it can be released by touching it with your fingers. In this way, there are many particles, high output, and it is not easy to block the screen surface.
  4. Control the quality of various raw materials such as chemical fertilizers in strict accordance with the compound fertilizer formula.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to use iron blocks, stone blocks larger than 10mm, and wood blocks larger than 10mm for raw material discharging and feeding. There are not many quality indicators of rice bran and rice sand, which seriously affect the yield.
  6. The powder particle size used as compound fertilizer is 70-90 mesh.
  7. Do a good job in technical training to improve the technical quality and operation skills of workers.

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