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How to Properly Apply the Organic Fertilizer Turner

How to Properly Apply the Organic Fertilizer Turner

Organic manure compost turners are also common in agricultural and livestock equipment. Generally, our customers usually do not ask us questions about how to operate this equipment after purchasing the equipment. They may feel that they are too familiar with livestock equipment, but It is often such a mentality that the life of the equipment is too short, and the methods that are often used are not necessarily correct.

self propelled compost turner

First of all, let’s talk about the work attitude. There are no major requirements for the operator, as long as they are adults, but they should not be half-hearted during the operation, and their attention should be highly concentrated on operating the equipment.

Secondly, let’s talk about livestock handling. Everyone knows that the organic fertilizer composting turner machine is to ferment livestock manure into organic fertilizer, but don’t overlap with the feeding time of livestock during the use process, or don’t let livestock hear these noises. Into, too much noise will also affect them.

Talking about the cleaning problem, sometimes feces stick to the drum during the operation, then stop the work to clean the feces first. If you don’t clean it once and twice, it will naturally affect the flexibility of the equipment.

The above introduction on “What are the benefits of using an organic fertilizer compost turner for the production and fermentation of organic fertilizer” and “How to properly apply an organic fertilizer turner”, I hope you can understand “the role of an organic fertilizer turner and Use it correctly” will help.

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