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What Are the Advantages of Organic Fertilizer Produced by Organic Fertilizer Equipment Compared with Other Fertilizers?

What Are the Advantages of Organic Fertilizer Produced by Organic Fertilizer Equipment Compared with Other Fertilizers?

With the development of agricultural technology, earth-shaking changes have taken place in the fertilizer industry. The use of traditional fertilizers has been gradually reduced. Now the majority of farmers prefer organic fertilizers produced by organic fertilizer equipment. So what are the advantages of organic fertilizers to allow farmers Do friends love it so much?

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The organic fertilizer fermented by the organic fertilizer equipment improves the soil and is good for absorption: it is rich in organic matter and humus, improves the nitrogen fixation capacity of phosphate fertilizer, melts water, promotes the absorption of plants, and increases the activity of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, thereby producing biological regulation substances that can stimulate Root growth promotes nutrient absorption and effectively improves nutrient absorption and utilization.

The chicken manure treated by the organic fertilizer equipment can maintain a good soil aggregate structure after being applied to the soil. The biological activity of the organic matter promotes the activity of various enzymes in the body and accelerates the growth of crops. According to its beneficial advantages, it can inhibit the formation, reduce the production of viruses, reduce the occurrence of diseases, and improve plant activity.

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The organic fertilizer produced by the fermentation process of the organic fertilizer equipment can activate the soil, improve soil compaction, nutrient loss, improve soil permeability and plow layer, loosen the soil, increase soil moisture, reduce nutrient absorption resistance, and promote nutrients to crop roots International transfer, enhanced drought resistance, low investment, high output, and remarkable results.

It is precisely because the effect of organic fertilizer produced by organic fertilizer equipment is so good that it can reduce pests and diseases and increase crop yields, so it is deeply loved by farmers. This is why it can replace traditional fertilizers.

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