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What Heat Source Is Good for Organic Fertilizer Dryer Equipment?

What Heat Source Is Good for Organic Fertilizer Dryer Equipment?

Organic fertilizer drum drying equipment is a device that uses thermal energy to dry organic materials with high moisture content. The use of thermal energy plays an important role in the drying process. If the heat energy cannot be taken away in time or the circulation is not smooth, the whole system will be affected.

manure rotary dryer machine in organic fertilizer production line

There are many forms of thermal energy generation, such as electric heating pipes, natural gas, diesel, and coal, which can be generated by certain equipment. The heat sources of the organic fertilizer dryer equipment include electric heaters, gas burners, oil burners, coal-burning stoves, etc. Electric heating is widely used in small drying equipment, and is generally used in laboratories. It does not have any pollution problems and heats up faster. Burners are mainly used in large-scale drying equipment and play a pivotal role in industrial production.

The induced draft fan of the organic fertilizer drying equipment is controlled by a frequency converter, which has a relatively high degree of automation and saves a lot of manpower and material resources. Coal-fired hot blast stoves are also widely used as the heat source of dryers, and can be used directly in occasions where material requirements are not strict. The use of direct-fired hot air in the occasions with strict requirements on materials cannot meet the requirements, and a heat exchange device is needed to reduce the degree of pollution to the materials.

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