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How to Find a Market for a Personal Organic Fertilizer Factory?

How to Find a Market for a Personal Organic Fertilizer Factory?

The important thing for an individual to do organic fertilizer is to find a market, but also to find low-cost raw materials. Generally, the price of raw materials is relatively low in places where there are more farms, and even some farms are busy with the farming industry. The problem of manure disposal is difficult to solve. As long as they can help them deal with manure, they are willing to give it to you in vain. In this case, the processing cost of organic fertilizer It’s even lower and the profits are greater. Due to the low cost, the selling price is often lower than the market price. At the beginning, the organic fertilizer produced can be given to surrounding farmers or sold to them at a low price to cultivate market users first. And there is no need to invest a lot of equipment cost at the beginning, just need to mix the raw materials after fermentation and decomposing. Although this kind of organic fertilizer does not look very good, in terms of fertilizer efficiency, it is not much different from the finished organic fertilizer, but it does not seem to have high-quality deep-processed organic fertilizer.

After a period of time, although you don’t earn much, you can still guarantee basic profits, and the surrounding users have a preliminary sense of trust in your product. The reason is simple. Not only is the price cheap, but also produced locally. The visible and tangible products will increase the trust of users. The second stage is to produce powdered commercial organic fertilizer and sell it to more demanding customers, especially the surrounding cash crop growers, whose high added value of crops requires higher fertilizer requirements. At this time, the customer base will be diversified. If the price is cheap, you can sell only fermented products, and if you need high-quality, you can sell powdered organic fertilizers that have been crushed.

complete organic fertilizer production line

The powdered organic fertilizer is further processed into fine granular organic fertilizer, which is more expensive. Generally, large-scale economic crop planting bases will use mechanization when fertilizing, and only fermented organic fertilizer or powdered organic fertilizer cannot be used with fertilizer applicators. Granular organic fertilizer can achieve mechanical fertilization, and the granular organic fertilizer has a higher density, high strength and long fertilizer effect. In the third stage, a complete model of the organic fertilizer processing plant has basically been formed, and the products are diversified to meet the needs of various consumer groups.

The third stage of appeal is very suitable for setting up a private organic fertilizer plant . The important thing is that the initial investment is small and the market is easy to find. As long as qualified organic fertilizer is produced, the market will definitely expand gradually. Even if the investment fails due to objective reasons, it will not cause a lot of losses. The main reason is that when you have no experience, you need to start a business from small to large, and everything needs a process. FPC relies on years of customer experience to write suggestions for you for reference. If you have any other questions, please inquire in detail.

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