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Features And Advantages of 10m Organic Fertilizer Large-Span Wheel Type Compost Turning Machine

Features And Advantages of 10m Organic Fertilizer Large-Span Wheel Type Compost Turning Machine

The large-span wheel turning compost machine is suitable for the fermentation and turning of organic wastes such as pig, cattle, mutton and chicken manure, sludge garbage, sugar factory filter mud, slag cake and straw sawdust. It is widely used in organic fertilizer plants, fermentation and dewatering operations in compound fertilizer plants, sludge garbage plants, gardening farms, and bisporus mushroom plantations.

Compared with the traditional trough type turning compost machine, it saves space greatly. It has dead corner turning, wide turning and turning range, deep turning and turning depth, uniform turning, and high turning compost efficiency.

Large Scale Compost Turner

Large Scale Compost Turner

Advantages of organic fertilizer large-span wheel type compost turning machine

High turning depth: the turning depth can reach 1.5-3 meters.

Large turning span: its maximum turning width can reach 30 meters wide.

Low energy consumption for turning compost: using a unique energy-saving and high-efficiency transmission structure, the energy consumption of the traditional organic fertilizer turning compost machine is reduced by 70% under the same workload.

No dead corners during turning: The wheel is turned symmetrically, and there is no dead corner turning under the displacement of the speed-adjusting shift trolley;

High degree of automation: equipped with a fully automated electrical control system, no personnel operation is required during the operation of the equipment.

large scale wheel type compost turning machine

large scale wheel type compost turning machine

Features and advantages of 10m organic fertilizer large-span turning compost machine

  • Automated control

The control cabinet is centrally controlled, which can realize manual or automatic control functions.

  • Compact structure, advanced technology

The use of some beneficial microorganisms can promote the rapid decomposing of organic waste such as animal manure. Using unique trough continuous aerobic fermentation technology, the organic waste can be quickly decomposed, dewatered, sterilized, and deodorized to achieve the purpose of harmlessness, resource utilization and reduction treatment, with low energy consumption and stable product quality. Applicable aerobic fermentation is suitable for aerobic fermentation, and can be used with solar fermentation chambers, fermentation tanks and moving machines. It can be used in conjunction with the moving machine to realize the function of one machine with multiple slots.

  • Rugged

The tooth extraction is sturdy and durable, and has a certain ability to crush and mix materials.

The production volume of wheel-type turning compost machine is relatively large, which is mainly suitable for large-scale organic fertilizer production lines, and the price is relatively higher. The price of large-span wheel-type turning compost machine is generally between 30,000 and 40,000 US dollars.

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