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What Are the Three Forms of Blended Fertilizer Production?

What Are the Three Forms of Blended Fertilizer Production?

Blended fertilizer is also called BB fertilizer. It is made by mixing two or more granular high-nutrient raw materials as required. Because its formula is easy to adjust, it is especially suitable for areas with large land areas, complex soil types and a wide variety of crops. Blended fertilizer, also known as dry blended fertilizer, is a chemical fertilizer containing any two or three of the three nutrient elements of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It is made from straight fertilizer or compound fertilizer through simple mechanical mixing. There is no significant chemical reaction. The production technology of blended fertilizers is simple. In the United States, blending operations and fertilizing operations should be carried out on the same day as much as possible. In this case, the storage performance of the product does not need to be considered. In many countries, mixed fertilizers need to be packaged and stored for a period of time, so the storage performance of the product is very important. All raw materials should be dry, uniform in particle size, and high in strength to prevent the product from absorbing water, agglomerating and particle separation during storage and transportation.

There are three forms of mixed fertilizer production:

  • Regional small-scale production. Products are usually sold within a range of tens of kilometers. This form is very common in the United States. In recent years, there are more than 5,300 sets of BB fertilizer production lines, and the average annual output of each lineis about 2.5kt.
  • A large-scale BB fertilizer production line built in the port area or the transportation center area. The basic fertilizer is usually transported by ship, and the product is packed into the market in a larger area. The annual production capacity of each device is 30-300kt.
  • Produced by a basic fertilizer production plant. Generally, several units or compound fertilizers are produced first, and then the blending operations are carried out to produce blended fertilizers of various specifications. For example, the compound fertilizer specifications (N-P2O5-K2O percentage) that can be produced by adding potassium chloride in the production process of ammonium phosphate are 14-37-12, 12-32-16, and 10-25-25, etc., and they are combined with ureato produce various blended fertilizers. The production process of blended fertilizers is relatively simple. Various basic fertilizers are unloaded into the warehouse and then metered and mixed. Products are delivered directly to users by cars or into storage silos.

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