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How Does the 20-Meter Large-Span Wheel-Type Slot Compost Turning Machine Work?

How Does the 20-Meter Large-Span Wheel-Type Slot Compost Turning Machine Work?

Compared with the traditional trough-type compost turning machine, the large-scale wheel type compost turning machine has a new breakthrough in the problem of the turning span. From the perspective of energy saving, the wheel type turning machine is highly efficient. The energy-saving transmission mechanism drives two large-diameter turning wheels. Therefore, the wheel type-type turning and machine can turn organic materials without dead ends. The FPC wheel type fermentation machine is equipped with an adjustable speed displacement trolley to complete the large-span tipping operation with low energy consumption.

The hydraulic lifting system of the wheel type compost turner machine can automatically lift the turning plate to ensure that the equipment can move without obstacles. In addition, the supporting fully automated electrical control system further ensures that the equipment is easy to operate, safe and stable, and different models can be customized according to customer needs.

Compared with the traditional trough-type compost turner machine, the 20-meter large-span wheel type compost turning machine greatly saves space. It has no dead ends, wide turning range, deep turning depth, uniform turning, and high turning efficiency. The wheel type trough type turning machine is suitable for aerobic fermentation and can be used in conjunction with solar fermentation chambers, fermentation tanks and moving machines. It can be used with the moving machine to realize the function of one machine with multiple slots. It can be used for continuous discharging and batch discharging with the matching stale grains, with high efficiency, stable operation, firmness and durability. The control cabinet is centrally controlled, which can realize manual or automatic control functions. The shovel is sturdy and durable, and has certain functions of breaking and mixing materials. The limit travel switch plays a safety and limit function.

FPC manufactures many specifications of wheel type compost turner machine for organic fertilizer production customers. Welcome to our official website to get efficient organic fertilizer fermentation machines.


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