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Top 3 Precautions for the Use of Organic Fertilizer Grinder

Top 3 Precautions for the Use of Organic Fertilizer Grinder

  • Before using the shredder, check the appearance of the machine for damage caused by transportation, and whether the random information is complete. Before turning on the power to the grinder, please confirm whether there are any iron foreign objects in the machine cavity to prevent the knife from being hit, and manually rotate the flywheel more than one circle. It is forbidden to carry movable knives by hand to ensure safety. Make sure that the main machine of the shredder rotates correctly, and then the motor can be started and put into production. Note: The main machine of the shredder must not be reversed when turning, otherwise it will cause serious equipment accidents such as damage to the fixed and fixed knives and damage to the left and right labyrinths.
  • According to the characteristics of the material, the normal use time of the shredder cutter has its length. If it is worn, please sharpen the knife in time. When installing the knife, the rotating knife must be tightened. Cut the screws, make sure that the gap between the rotary knife and the fixed knife is 0.2-0.3, then tighten the fixed knife screw and lock the adjustment screw to complete the tool installation. The pulverizer has been running for about 500 hours. Please check the left and right main bearings, clean them if necessary, and add proper amount of grease or replace all the grease.
  • The organic fertilizer production line crusher equipment can reach 25-55% of the moisture allowable value of the bio-fermented organic fertilizer material, and the crushing particle size can reach the requirement of 50 mesh granulation. This machine solves the problem of crushing high-water organic materials, and has a good crushing effect on organic materials that have undergone fermentation treatment. The bio-organic fertilizer production line adopts no-drying room temperature process to produce, one-time molding, and the output is 1-1.5t/h and 1.5-3th/h. The equipment has low investment, quick results and good economic benefits. The process layout of the complete set of equipment is compact, scientific and reasonable, and advanced in technology. Energy saving and consumption reduction, no three wastes are discharged, stable operation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance.

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