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How to choose a reliable fertilizer prodcuing equipment supplier?

How to choose a reliable fertilizer prodcuing equipment supplier?

Organic fertilizer granulator equipment is an important part of commercial organic fertilizer and large and medium-sized organic fertilizer processing line. Because the organic fertilizer processed into granules is not only convenient for storage and transportation, but also has many advantages such as water and fertilizer conservation.

These benefits affect the enthusiasm of organic fertilizer production and processing enterprises to purchase organic fertilizer granulator equipment. According to the vision of the professional and technical personnel of the organic fertilizer granulator, it is necessary to inspect the manufacturer, observe the particles, and test the machine. Specific experience is as follows:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to investigate the output of organic fertilizer granulator equipment and the ability of organic fertilizer granulator manufacturers to produce the machine independently.
  2. Familiar with the model and size of organic fertilizer granulator. The output is directly related to the size of the equipment. The larger the equipment type, the higher the output.
  3. Depending on the production and processing equipment, outdated equipment precision will affect the normal production of equipment and product quality.
  4. To inspect the equipment manufacturer of organic fertilizer granulator, we should not only look at the finished machine, but also look at the material, size, size, bearing, etc. used for parts.
  5. Compared with the industry experience, it also depends on whether it is a manufacturer. Don’t be fooled by unscrupulous vendors to become “middlemen” with high prices and low quality.
  6. Look at the after-sales service of the organic fertilizer granulator equipment manufacturers. The organic fertilizer processing is a long-term processing process, and the after-sales service is very important.

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