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Notes on Using Fertilizer Drying Equipment

Notes on Using Fertilizer Drying Equipment

Equipment plays an important role in the processing of organic fertilizer. However, due to various reasons, there will be blockage, working environment, dust removal, physicochemical and other factors in the operation of organic fertilizer drum dryer, which affect its normal processing and production. It is also necessary to start from these aspects of the drying effect to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment. It is mainly reflected in the following aspects.

1. Precautions for solving the blockage of organic fertilizer dryer
In the process of organic fertilizer equipment dryer work, if the phenomenon of blockage will seriously affect the production efficiency of the manufacturer, so we should deal with the blockage in time, and the company will teach you how to do a good job in prevention.
1: the quick opening structure of the dryer was adopted, and the positioning of the dryer was made by card;
2: adopt air pressure or compound dryer, which has the dual functions of air dryer and pressure dryer;

2. Solve the working environment and installation precautions of organic fertilizer drum dryer
Attention should be paid to the following problems when installing organic fertilizer dryer equipment:
At first, the best installation environment for industrial dryer is dry, ventilated and clean working environment, good working environment and key factors to prolong the service life of drying equipment.
Secondly, installation should strictly refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the installation content of the step-by-step operation.
At last, when there are problems in the installation, the manufacturer should be contacted as soon as possible.

3. Precautions for equipment maintenance of organic fertilizer dryer
Organic fertilizer drum dryer equipment is easy to be corroded due to its frequent treatment of corrosive materials, so it must be well maintained. The dryer of organic fertilizer equipment is composed of flat plate, cylinder and welding parts. The anticorrosion methods of dryers in different parts and different uses are different.

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