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Disk Granulator Used for Making Chicken Manure Fertilizer

Disk Granulator Used for Making Chicken Manure Fertilizer

Delivering the organic fertilizer utilizing the chicken manure as crude material can create higher organic fertilizer granules, and the compost machines are intended for delivering organic fertilizer can be high proficient and higher yield. It is first to age the crude material prior to delivering utilizing aging manure turner machine. Composting is the fundamental standard for assembling excellent fertilizers. It is indivisible from treating the soil and maturing to guarantee the impact of chicken manure.

Composting aging is a methods for fertilizing the soil organic issue in enormous quantities. Before applying chicken manure, the oxygen consuming microorganisms compost are quickly spread in a high-impact environment, and the qualities of maturation advance the disintegration process by the warmth produced by decompostion. The fertilizing the soil aging innovation is utilized to adequately dispense with parasitic eggs and pathogenic microbes in chicken manure, which are horrible for crop growth, and guarantee more complete vigorous deterioration of chicken manure.

New large plate granulation creation line is planned by the compost machine manufacturers. What machines are prepared in the manure fabricating processes? The line is intended for delivering the organic fertilizer granules, and the yield can reach to the 3 ton each day. It is furnished with the circle granulator.

At the point when we produce the fertilizer granules, we need to blending the crude material, so in the line,the level blender machine is equipped. Then placed them into the primary screener machine to screen the huge crude material and afterward put the remainder of crude material into the circle granulator, which is planned a sort of fertilizer granules machine for creating the organic fertilizer granules and compound fertilizer granules.

To make the fertilizer granules. When wrapping up granulating,using the dryer machine and cooler machine to dry the dampness till the prerequisite of the organic fertilizer granules.The put them into the second compost screener machine to screen the 4-5 mm fertilizer granules. And the quality fertilizer granules go into the pressing machine to be packed, and the inquality fertilizer granules should be placed into the chain smasher machine to be squash and made granulator once more.

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