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Solid Compound Fertilizer Granulating Machine

Solid Compound Fertilizer Granulating Machine

Having a superior comprehension of the compound fertilizer creation line measure assumes exceptionally huge part for the clients speculation and compound compost producing. Presently the fundamental creation techniques for granular compound compost are slurry strategy, strong grinding strategy, liquefying strategy, and so on Presently we will give a short presentation of the most generally utilized strong crushing strategy.

Brief Introduction of Solid Fertilizer Granulating Method

The strong grinding technique utilizes single base compost like urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, potassium chloride, and so forth as crude materials as indicated by a specific extent to blend together(mainly controlled by the neighborhood market interest and soil discovery results).

At that point consistently blends the very much dispensed crude materials with our compost blending machine, and pounds them to a specific fineness. Next is the major and fundamental advance—pulverizing, here you need the rotary drum grinding machine. The materials are ship off the crushing machine by the belt transport, and through a progression of humidifying, warming cycle to agglomerate and shape particles. Here the particles are only the semi-completed items, they additionally require further preparing including drying, screening, cooling and bundling. At last after every one of these techniques, you can get the top notch compound manure items.

Advantages of Solid Granulating Method

  1. The crude materials are anything but difficult to get by receiving the strong pulverizing technique, and the preparing is moderately straightforward.
  2. Progressed and develop innovation for modern compound compost creation.
  3. Less speculation, low creation cost and exceptional yields.
  4. Has a place with second preparing of the base compost, so practically no ecological contamination issues existed.

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