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Introduction of Groove Type Fertilizer Composting Machine

Introduction of Groove Type Fertilizer Composting Machine

Groove fermentation equipment mainly refers to groove type organic fertilizer composting machine. Groove type overturning and throwing machine is a kind of equipment matching with fermentation tank. The top of both sides of the fermentation tank is equipped with rails, and the tipper can run back and forth on the track.

Generally, one machine with multiple tanks is equipped for the tank type tipping machine. The transfer of the tipping machine between the fermentation tanks can be realized by the transfer machine. The trough type tipping machine is mainly composed of frame, overturning device, walking mechanism, cable drum device, electric control system, etc., and is mainly driven by electric power.

The tank fermentation system has the advantages of small space occupation, high composting depth, fast temperature rise and large treatment capacity. In the process of tank fermentation, the state of medium temperature high temperature medium temperature high temperature alternation can be maintained and guaranteed, which can effectively shorten the fermentation period.

A device for adding bacteria is set up on the tipping machine, which can spray evenly and proportionally in the fermentation process. At the same time, the ventilation pipe can be laid at the bottom of the tank to increase the ventilation capacity. There are also equipment using electricity, no exhaust pollution, odor and water seepage can be effectively controlled. The trough tipper is suitable for fine and large-scale production, which is beneficial to production management and production cost control.

The trough tipper can be improved in the aspects of walking safety, reliability of tipping system, adaptability of composting materials and automation of operation. Production of high efficiency products, stable and reliable operation, solid and durable, even flip, by the market praise of the machine.

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