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Work Principle of Roller Extrision Granulator

Work Principle of Roller Extrision Granulator

The roller extrusion granulator plays a crucial role in compound fertilizer granulation factory. It can also make organic fertilizers pellets cheaply and affordably. The device can be used to produce compound fertilizers of high, medium, and low concentration. The reason most people have embraced this is due to from the properties that make it unique.

Some of these properties include being able to consume low energy, its reasonable design, and compact structure. It offers also adopted the advanced technology, which increases its efficiency in fertilizer granulation. The machine has additionally adopted the eugenic formula without drying as well as produces fertilizer utilizing the room temperature. It  employs renewable energy which is necessary for sustainability.

Double Roller Fertilizer Extrusion Granulator

The appliance may be divided into two parts, the part that is responsible for granulation as well as the part that accounts for extrusion. The goal of extrusion is to make certain that the air involving the particles is squeezed over to allow enough distance for interaction forces to do something.  In the extrusion process, the dry materials are condensed into hard materials under pressure. This process utilizes the intermolecular principle.

Following the dry materials are already converted into hard and caky deposits, another process that follows may be the granulation which transforms the caky material into granules. This is accomplished utilizing the rollers. The space found involving the rollers is generally adjustable to ensure that the usage of materials can also reach 87%.

The advantage of the roller extrusion granulator is that it can operate under normal temperature and still yield an increased granulation ratio.The device alone does an excellent job when it comes to fertilizer granulation. However, you have the choice to compose other fertilizer making machines, to generate a full production line with continuous working capacity.

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